BMRC Solutions strives to deliver the very best solutions for our customers at affordable prices on every project. Given the importance of governance with consistent and effective standards implementations, we adhere to a proven GAMP + Agile based approach to deploying our libraries and solutions globally. BMRC Solutions libraries are a culmination of decades of automation implementation experience in the manufacturing sector across many industry verticals.

We believe clients benefit from our shared experience and expertise gained by BMRC Solutions employees working on systems and solutions across many industries which allow us to continuously develop our library based solutions. Industries where we have gained significant expertise and provide solutions for include Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage (especially dairies & breweries), Life Sciences, Chemicals, FMCG, Water and Wastewater.

We intelligently combine OT & IT to deliver customers the best solutions at affordable prices.


BMRC Solutions was founded by engineers on the belief that information technology shall disrupt the automation industry much more significantly than the invention of the PLC or the DCS. We trace our history back 15 years when a group of young engineers set out to bring together disparate systems to make a positive contribution to the operating profits of our customers by improving their efficiency and effectiveness through integrated solutions.

Although those customer-centric values are still instilled in us, the BMRC Solutions of today is the culmination of years of experience and diversified resource pools with global reach. Our solutions continue to give you the validated information you need to optimize and maximize valuable production resources.


Our Team

Our core values of service, integrity, and excellence, support our goal to provide the highest level of benefit in what we do for our customers. Our employees are rewarded for providing service to the customer first, acting with integrity, and showcasing technical excellence. Our employees value hard work, being part of something special and succeeding as a team.

Our Policies

We utilize a proven project execution methodology and tracking to ensure success in each project or service. Our platform independence enables us to apply the right technology for the purpose required. We manage each project by focusing on customer feedback, quality, cost and schedule to deliver dependable results at scale, using one common set of methods, tools and processes.

Our Ethics

We know that we must outclass the competition on every project and execute them honorably do to earn the privilege of being invited back to provide more services in the future. We depend on repeat business and realize that “we are only as good as our last project.” We are proud of the fact that our very first customer from 1995 is still our customer today.

BMRC Solutions specializes in automated manufacturing and business systems integration related activities mainly serving manufacturing customers with industrial processes. We deliver a wide range of services focused in this industry including turnkey automation systems, management information systems, IIoT, high availability solutions, training, audits, and certification programs, as well as WeCare 24/7 technical support.