BMRC Solutions applies the latest technology from leading vendors to deliver the solutions you need through design, project management, advanced controls, PLC/DCS configuration, HMI/SCADA development, IoT, information technology, MES/MOM solutions and more.



BMRC Solutions provides start-up and commissioning services with full documentation as part of all projects including electrical & instrument commissioning for all systems, factory and site acceptance tests, operations & maintenance manuals, field installation checks, loop & control logic checks. As part of our GAMP + Agile based quality system, a project and/or service manager is assigned to each engagement. We provide project management and project engineering services for all of our projects including overall project accountability, cost estimates, engineering schedules, cost trending, forecasting and progress reports.

Electrical Engineering & Design

  • Motor Elementaries, LV Electric Switchgears
  • PLC & DCS Control Panels, Loop Sheets
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Fault-tolerant Industrial Switches & Server Cabinets
  • Battery Monitoring Systems & Load Banks
  • Marshalling Cabinets, Control & Protection Panels
  • LV MCC, Load Centers
  • Fibre Optics, Protocol Convertors

Our electrical design consultants are dedicated professionals capable of multiple types of delivery configurations ranging from traditional design-bid-build, design assist and integrated project delivery.

automation services


PLC & DCS Engineering

  • Linear & Non-Linear Control Specifications
  • Configuration & Setup
  • Controls Library, Extension & Typicals
  • Tag Database Configuration
  • Device Control and Interlocking
  • Alarming
  • Sequencing & Simulation
  • Field Commissioning

The functionality of different control systems have merged. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) now have capabilities once found only in Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), while a DCS can handle many functions previously thought more appropriate for PLCs. Our talented team of architects, project managers, consultants and designers will help you decide based on your application.

BMRC Solutions provides turnkey services for PLC & DCS system additions or migration for systems nearing obsolescence. We design industrial communication networks and provide full integration from primary devices at the plant floor to information at management levels. We work on process control applications, data acquisition systems and third-party communication gateway configurations. Our extensive PLC & DCS engineering experience allows us to provide hardware specifications, software configuration standards, field commissioning, commissioning procedure support, documentation & training.

HMI & SCADA Engineering

  • Configuration and Setup
  • High Performance HMI (Situational Awareness)
  • System Status & Overview Screens
  • Centralized Control Rooms
  • Process & Tabular Graphics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Alarming & Analysis, Data Logging & Trending
  • Video Integration
  • SCADA Playback
  • Custom Interface Programming

We have provided successful HMI & SCADA system solutions for clients in every industrial vertical. We have experience with all major software vendors and we maintain in-house development environments.



Industrial Data & Analytics

  • Real-time Data Collection & Historical Trends
  • Historical Views of Dashboards, Graphics and Cameras
  • Scales, Barcode Readers, Vision Systems, RFID
  • FMEA, DoE, RCA
  • Integrated Datastore
  • Customized Reports on Runtime, Consumption, Status, Operations
  • BYOD
  • Calculation Engines

We can also provide dashboards & reports tailored to your specific needs with data integration to billing, inventory, maintenance, and other business systems.

BMRC Solutions has the expertise and software tools to help fully leverage business intelligence of factory or remote assets through custom reporting and scalable business analytics. Reports and dashboards containing vital data such as operator activity, production KPIs, connectivity and production can be tracked and shared across the enterprise.

Manufacturing Information Technology

  • Infrastructure Design, Deployment & Administration
  • Desktop/Application Virtualization
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Backups, Redundancy, High Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Cybersecurity & Patch Management
  • Machine Learning

We have provided successful HMI & SCADA system solutions for clients in every industrial vertical. We have experience with all major software vendors and we maintain in-house development environments.



Batch, MES & MOM

  • Plant Modelling
  • Middleware Applications
  • OEE, Downtime Analysis
  • Bill of Material, Recipe & Batch Management
  • Business Process Standardization, Optimization, & Management
  • Track & Trace, Genealogy, & Reverse Genealogy
  • LIMS, CMMS & ERP Integration
  • Maintenance, Production, Quality Control & Inventory Operations

BMRC Solutions experience in automation services spans from Process through Packaging.

We provide design, programming, procurement, installation and start-up support services for all types of automated industrial processes. In addition to supporting batch or continuous production operations, BMRC Solutions MOM solutions record and store production-related information on raw material usage, production processes, inspection results and other transactional data. Combined with our analytics solutions, this allows companies to gain insights into how variability in processes impact the quality or profitability of the final product.

BMRC Solutions specializes in automated manufacturing and business systems integration related activities mainly serving manufacturing customers with industrial processes. We deliver a wide range of services focused in this industry including turnkey automation systems, management information systems, IIoT, high availability solutions, training, audits, and certification programs, as well as WeCare 24/7 technical support.